Why Cannabis and Meditation?

Hi and welcome to the first blog post for Cannasoul.  I'd like to just jump right in and address the main question I'm getting... Why cannabis and meditation?   This question often leads to others, and the snowball rolls...  This post is only meant to be a starting point.  If you have questions, please ask!  

In the all holy words of Sister Maria, "Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start."

Why am I doing this?

 I am doing this because I understand that cannabis is a tool, which can be used in conjunction with meditation to produce a variety of results.  Overall, it is about connecting with yourself in a different way.  Since March of 2017, I have been working directly in the cannabis industry.  This has given me a greater knowledge of the plant, its components, and effects.  I have also talked to people that are using cannabis in their meditation practices.  With my experience in meditation and cannabis, I want to bring the two together to produce powerful and personal opportunities for growth.

Isn't it bad to be stoned while you meditate?

Some believe yes.  Some believe no.  I believe. do what you want.  I also believe however, if you are going to use mind expanding drugs, you should have tools to help keep your invisible energy system in check (chakras for example).  How to safely combine the two is what I want to share with people.  Just like meditation is a tool to improve our lives, cannabis is a tool that can be used to produce unexpected and surprising results.  It is my personal preference not to use cannabis in every meditation, but when I need to approach my questions from a different perspective, it can make the cloudy become clear.  Maybe you like it, maybe you don't.  It is 100% up to you.

What are the benefits of meditating while high?

  • It quiets the mind.  Our thoughts plague us.  They run nonstop.  Cannabis aids in putting the mind in a space to not only quiet the thoughts, but recognize them so we can change them.
  • Cannabis relaxes the body.  For those with any sort of aches and pains, relaxing can be a difficult feat.  Even without pain, types of cannabis are greatly relaxing and can help us turn our focus inward.
  • Some find cannabis to be mood enhancing.  It's easier to practice love, forgiveness, compassion, and other high vibration feelings with a lifted mood.  This also can increase changes in perspective, sparking a want to approach things in a fresh way. 
  • While cannabis has been known to put people to sleep, it can also have the opposite effect, increasing one's focus and attention.  

Doesn't meditation do those things by itself?

Yes, and that is why it is so great.  However, it is my personal experience that light cannabis use helps people move into these states and gain an understanding of what it is like to be in them.  For many in my life, meditation has been something to try, but is not often adopted into a practice.  It can be difficult to understand the positive states of being meditation offers if you cannot get into it.

So how do you use the two together?

I use cannabis and meditation to produce a focused state of being.  In the Cannasoul 101 class we examine the energy of the high that is being felt, and use it to guide our experience.  From steady breathing to grounding with the earth, cannabis can help you feel the subtleties of energy shift within yourself.  We will even use it to help manifest a desire that you would like to bring into your life.  

I'm still skeptical.

That's totally ok.  It's healthy to have skepticism.  The important thing here is, no matter what path you choose, make it the one for you.  If you're a die hard believer that cannabis has no place in meditation, that's fine.  If you think the two only go hand in hand, that's great too.  The beautiful thing is, it's your path.  I'm here to be a part of your journey if you choose : )  To sign up for Cannasoul 101, visit: Take Action.  Spots are limited.

Take a nice deep breath,