By participating in a reading or healing, you are acknowledging that my services are not a substitute for medical, legal or financial advice. It is your choice how to use the information presented. I always encourage you to listen to what resounds as true for you, by listening to your own inner voice and wisdom.


Energy Reading


The energy reading consists of two parts.  The first 30 minutes examines the energy emitted into our physical space from our main power centers within the body.  Our energetic system offers clues into how we are relating to our worlds outside and in.  The second 30 minutes may be used to ask personal questions to understand the energy surrounding them, ask about past lives, receive healing energy, talk to spirit guides, and more.   

1 hr in home reading or skype/phone session.

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home cleansing

We reflect who we are in our home, and let our home affect us.  A cleansing is an energetic new beginning to your personal space.  Clearing the home of existing energy is like renovating each room to make it uniquely yours.  If you are trying to sell your home, it can open the door to potential buyers by enticing new energies.  When we are happier in our home, we tend to be healthier inside and out.  

1 hr in home cleansing for up to 2 bedroom space.  Larger spaces will be additional.

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Personal Energy healing

While the healing may be to our physical bodies, this healing is free of physical touch.  By running energy through all of our invisible energy channels and power centers, it provides an aid in the releasing of stuck energy. This quick and rejuvenating healing is a refreshing boost to the body. 

20 min in home healing or skype/phone session.

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personal Energy healing plus

What makes this reading "plus" is that it is focused on a specific health issue or ailment in the physical body.  It is believed that trapped energy hinders our healing process, which often can show up as sickness and pain.  Our bodies are naturally self healing, but we still need help to adjust our unseen systems.  Like the healing above, this does not include any actual physical touch to heal. 

1 hr in home healing with consultation or skype/phone session.

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tarot readings

Tarot Readings are like a snapshot of your energy in the present moment regarding a situation of your choice.  While there might be an element of future possibility, the reading is not focused on predicting the future. 

The reading begins with looking at your year and soul cards which give insight on your overarching energies and life lessons.  From there, the reading will move into your question(s).  I prefer to go with a theme rather than a single question because one question often leads to others.  By reading a theme, we can examine your best plans to move forward into your best self.

1 Theme Reading - 45 min in home reading or skype/phone session

2 Theme Reading - 1 hr 15 min in home reading or skype/phone session

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Personal coaching session

Learn how to adjust your energy to suit your needs best.  In discussing the progress that you would like to make, we work as a pair to release energy that no longer serves your present situation.  You will be given personalized techniques to help sustain growth while challenging old behaviors to live your best life.

1 hr 30 minute in home session or skype/phone session.

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personalized tarot lesson

Have you ever wanted to ask a tarot professional every question you have? Now you can. For one hour, ask any question you want about reading tarot, how to read, creating spreads, reading professionally, difficult card combinations, what to charge as a reader, tips to remember major, minor, or court cards, ANYTHING.

1 hr skype/phone session only.

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Energy coaching program

If you are interested in continuous monthly coaching sessions, please email

1 month or 3 month contract available.

Limited to 4 people a month.