By participating in a reading or healing, you are acknowledging that my services are not a substitute for medical, legal or financial advice. It is your choice how to use the information presented. I always encourage you to listen to what resounds as true for you, by listening to your own inner voice and wisdom.



Energy work is for those that want help in moving their energy in their bodies or personal space. With everything that we do in our lives, we encounter the energy of others. Sometimes we take on their energy temporarily, some times we hold on to it for a long time. We can also create build ups of our own emotional energy in our bodies that can manifest as physical symptoms. Charles will help you move and release any old energies in your space!

Please note, Charles is not here to diagnose any sort of medical issue or step in as your medical practitioner. Energy work should be seen as an accompaniment to current medical regimens you may be observing.

Regular Appointments:

30 min energy healing - Perfect for fine tuning the chakras, releasing blocks related to a single issue.

1 hr. energy energy healing - Expand your time to work on those more difficult blocks. Good for those that want to address a specific medical ailments.

Email to schedule. Online booking coming soon!

Specialty appointments:

The Energy Flush - A quick run through of your energetic system to help move any blocks, energize your chakras and aura.

$35 - 15 min.

Email to schedule. Online booking coming soon!

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