Hi, I'm Charles. 

In 2004, my lifelong interest in the supernatural, spiritual and unexplained led me to begin studying tarot where many start, with the traditional Rider-Waite Smith deck.

But after moving to Bellingham, Washington in 2009, I began using other decks and started trusting my natural ability to read intuitively. I've been helping others ever since by offering opportunities for compassionate reflection, introspection, and opportunities for self-growth & healing. I believe that tarot is a tool that reflects our current energy.  Like looking at a picture, it reveals details that might not be acknowledged. It also is a tool to help us process, move forward, and heal.

In addition to my 8+ years of experience reading tarot professionally, I have recently expanded my spiritual healing by studying clairvoyance and energy-based healing with Jill Miller. 

We all have unseen energy systems that run through us, and paying attention to those has great benefits. Energy work not only helps us be aware of our space inside and out, but improves our interactions with others, and gives us the tools we need to adjust our daily lives, which leads to greater rewards. 

Everyday I make a commitment to myself to live authentically, and I want to help you do the same. Get in touch or schedule an appointment now to heal and grow.