Hi, I'm Charles. 

Coming from an eclectic background including corporate retail, ballroom dance, secondary education for Japanese and ESL, and meditation education, Crooks uses his combined expertise to help others find their truest self.  Originally hailing from the Pacific Northwest, he spent his formative years in the Midwest (Cleveland, Bowling Green State Univ., Chicago), only to return to Washington once more.  

His foray into the spiritual began as a teenager studying astral projection, dreams, and meditation techniques.  This grew into practice using his first tool, the tarot cards, in 2004. Crooks did not have any intention to read or pursue the path of reader professionally until he began mass reading for the Good Time Girls tours established in Bellingham, WA.  

Tarot wasn’t quite enough to wet his appetite for all things spiritual and supernatural, so in 2013 he founded Bellingham Ghost Hunt Class with local actress and filmmaker Elena Stecca.  The class events include a paranormal investigation as popularized by many television shows.  

Furthering his energy studies at Simply Spirit Reading and Healing Center in Bellingham, Crooks truly began to understand the importance of paying attention to our invisible energy system.  

Crooks now seeks to help others understand their own inner workings by offering aura photography, cannabis and meditation education classes, workshops, and private sessions.