Aura Photography

Using the Inneractive AuraCloud 3D digital imaging system, you can see your aura and energy levels in live time. Unlike the traditional (and very beautiful) Polaroid aura photos, digital aura image systems are very portable, and give a plethora of information the old machines do not. Beyond seeing a physical representation of your energy around your body, you also can learn how balanced your male and female energies are, as well as knowing how relaxed the physical body is. Paying attention to our energetic body is just as important as maintaining our physical ones. Schedule an appointment to see what your energy is doing!

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Several coming in July 2019, Bellingham, WA. More to come soon!

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Aura services

Aura photos and packages for the individual.


groups, events, business

Want to have an aura party? Want to have an aura camera come to your business or event?


healer and pet services

Aura Healer lets an energy worker see their healing energy as they work on another.

Aura Pet lets you see the aura of dogs and cats only.