Photo Basic

Just want the basics?

This appointment is perfect for you. It gives you a 4x6 photo of your aura, a pdf report of your center/personality energy, and a 5 minute analysis of your energy and what it’s doing.


Booking available soon.

Photo Plus

Want to know a little bit more about your aura?

This appointment gives you the 4x6 photo of your aura, a report of your center/personality energy in pdf, a report of your energy statistics (chakra levels, male/female energy), a 5 minute analysis of your energy and what it’s doing. It also includes a 10 minute clairvoyant reading of your aura to give deeper information.


Booking available soon.

Before and After Photos

Have you wanted to know what changes you’ve made after a reading or healing? Now you can see with a photo session before and after. Personality and energy reports in pdf format included.

$60 + reading or healing price

Booking available soon.

Energy Coaching

Now that you know what your energy is doing, how do you change it? Adding an energy coaching session to your photo will teach you how to adjust your energy to match your goals. Personalized, easy meditation techniques will be created to your specific needs to help release and increase energy.

Must be booked with a photo package.

$35 - 30 minutes

$65 - 60 minutes

Booking available soon.