Want a private photo session for you and those closest to you?

At a 4 person minimum, 12 person maximum, you can have your own aura party. Your guests pay individually and can choose between the Photo Basic and Photo Plus packages.

Travel feels apply for groups outside of Whatcom county.

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Aura photos at parties make for a fun and engaging atmosphere.

Instead of having your guests individually pay, a flat hourly fee is available to ensure your party goers have the best time at your event.

Only the Photo Basic option is available for large parties.

To book for your party, email:


Having an appointment with the aura imaging system gives you a direction to help and promote growth within your energy.

If you run a health conscientious business, bringing in an aura camera can give validation to the services you are providing. Students that take yoga can see the differences in their relaxation and chakra energy levels by getting a photo before and after. A reiki professional might want their clients to see how their energy changes during a live session.

Aura photos can even be used as a team building activity! Want your team members to know how their energy is effecting them at work? Addressing our energy in a business environment can then promote positive growth by learning best how to work together. When we have a deeper understanding of how our energy interacts with each other on a daily basis, we can use tools to promote better team dynamics.

To book for your business needs, email: