Features Unique

The Aura Cloud 3D imaging system includes two additional services unique to this system only!


Aura healer

Aura Healer is a unique program that lets an energetic healer see their healing energy in live-time during a session. This gives them on the spot information so they can adjust their energy accordingly. Feel like your healing energy is blocked? Aura Healer will indicate which chakra holds that block.

AURA HEALER $75 - Healer and their choice of healee. Charles steps in for single person appointments. He oversees the session and goes over the analysis with everyone together at the end. 30 min free time to use/work on/watch healing energy with their person. Switching roles is allowed so both people may try healing. 4x6 healer hand energy photo as well as reports for the healee.

Private bookings available by email only: info@charlescrooks.com

Aura Pet

The Inneractive Aura Imaging System also let’s us see the aura of our beloved companions.

It is often said that the energy of pets and their owners is often on the same wavelength. Now you can visibly see if that is true.

Available for cats and dogs only. Pet must be willing to hold paws still on metal pads (no feeling to them, other than the touch of the pads) for 30 seconds to 1 minute to get the best reading.

Unfortunately no report is available for Aura Pet at this time.

AURA PET $35 - 4x6 photo of aura representation, 10 min reading of pet energy.

AURA PET & OWNER $75 - a look at pet and owner, a comparison of energy between the two and a 10 in reading of the relationship. Owner receives the Photo Basic package.

Private bookings available by email only: info@charlescrooks.com

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