Mid Winter Advice

One of the biggest challenges I have encountered over and over and over again, is that when you are trying to make big changes for yourself in life, spiritual or otherwise, wholeheartedly sticking to that path is difficult as all get up.  In the past, when I read a new book or watched some movie that set my heart a flame with inspiration, I would have so many ideas download that I wouldn’t follow through with. I wanted to make change in one way or another, to break this habit or that, but time and time again, that motivational flame would diminish, and go quietly into the west.  

I find winter to be one of the most challenging times of year to keep your momentum going.  To keep that flame burning bright. It’s natural to feel the turn of the season and and hibernate.  Go within. For myself that’s the easy part. It’s the clawing my way back into motivation that’s the hard part.  So once again, I’ve turned to spirit to ask for their advice. This is what I received.

Chances are, this doesn’t just benefit me.  

From a female spirit guide:

It’s not about maintaining, it’s about making sure that you're in the moment... so there’s nothing to maintain when you’re present.  

We can find so much in the now.  It’s where we can create our own universes.  We can hear that moment of inspiration. We can just hear.  

Accept your now.  No matter what it is.  Your mind will want to fight it, but allow it to be.  Accept it as it is.

Be grateful for it.

When you are ready.  And you honestly feel gratitude for the now, no matter what it looks like...then go about what you were doing.  See how it shifts the thoughts in your mind. See how your perspective has changed.

End communication. Thank you to her.

If angels are more your vibe, here’s what I got when I asked someone related to this topic for their advice.  Uriel showed up and had this to say:

“I am great to ask for help, as I can help make boundaries disappear.  I like paths. I like clear paths. I like getting people from one place to another, whether it’s in travel or in a job.  I like movement. So please, whatever I can help make flow, let me know. I can help unblock the mind and let inspiration flow in.  All you have to do is ask.”

End communication.  Thank you Uriel.

A good while back, when I first started communication with higher spirit, I was given this message about love.  It still remains one of my favorite messages today. For my last communication, I opened up the possibilities to a wider audience, and had my old friend come through.  This is what he had to say this time.

“Love is forgiveness, and forgiveness is love.  Forgiveness is not condoning what’s happened, it’s finding a space within yourself that heals.  As we move forward, as we progress ourselves, loving yourself and your path is a must. We all will stray from the path, we will stop on it, we will try to skip entire parts at times.  Slow down, go through it, and love yourself in the process of going through it. If you mess up, forgive yourself, and continue on. Snow is temporary, and so should be any cold in your heart. If you feel stuck, you need to let something thaw.”

End communication.  Thank you stranger.

Well, there we have it.  As with any advice, from this plane or beyond, take it as advice.  If it resonates, please share with others.

Take three deep breaths,