being present

The first.


Welcome to 3 Deep Breaths.  A space for inspiration, community, narrative, sharing, ponderings, and so much more.  

For roughly the last 3 months, I have been brainstorming what would be the best possible first post material.  I wanted my first post to have significant meaning, it is a milestone moment after all.  

In planning, and waiting, I found myself in the constant spiral of inactivity.  I was meditating, wondering, thinking, but I wasn't doing.  I've learned that one of my greatest hindrances in pursing anything, is wanting everything to be just right, just so.  There is nothing wrong with striving for perfection.  Until it drives you into inactivity.  

This website is about taking action for myself.  This blog is about opening up myself and others to the world around us.  One of the greatest lessons I have been working on recently is accepting everything, as it is.  Things are not perfect as they are, and that's ok, fantastic even.  It allows for us to stretch ourselves, to have new experiences. We can set intentions for forever, but if we do not take any sort of action, those intentions become faded dreams.

So.  Here we go. 

I am not perfect.  You are not either.  And that's perfectly ok.

Take 3 deep breaths,