Mid Winter Advice

One of the biggest challenges I have encountered over and over and over again, is that when you are trying to make big changes for yourself in life, spiritual or otherwise, wholeheartedly sticking to that path is difficult as all get up.  In the past, when I read a new book or watched some movie that set my heart a flame with inspiration, I would have so many ideas download that I wouldn’t follow through with. I wanted to make change in one way or another, to break this habit or that, but time and time again, that motivational flame would diminish, and go quietly into the west.  

I find winter to be one of the most challenging times of year to keep your momentum going.  To keep that flame burning bright. It’s natural to feel the turn of the season and and hibernate.  Go within. For myself that’s the easy part. It’s the clawing my way back into motivation that’s the hard part.  So once again, I’ve turned to spirit to ask for their advice. This is what I received.

Chances are, this doesn’t just benefit me.  

From a female spirit guide:

It’s not about maintaining, it’s about making sure that you're in the moment... so there’s nothing to maintain when you’re present.  

We can find so much in the now.  It’s where we can create our own universes.  We can hear that moment of inspiration. We can just hear.  

Accept your now.  No matter what it is.  Your mind will want to fight it, but allow it to be.  Accept it as it is.

Be grateful for it.

When you are ready.  And you honestly feel gratitude for the now, no matter what it looks like...then go about what you were doing.  See how it shifts the thoughts in your mind. See how your perspective has changed.

End communication. Thank you to her.

If angels are more your vibe, here’s what I got when I asked someone related to this topic for their advice.  Uriel showed up and had this to say:

“I am great to ask for help, as I can help make boundaries disappear.  I like paths. I like clear paths. I like getting people from one place to another, whether it’s in travel or in a job.  I like movement. So please, whatever I can help make flow, let me know. I can help unblock the mind and let inspiration flow in.  All you have to do is ask.”

End communication.  Thank you Uriel.

A good while back, when I first started communication with higher spirit, I was given this message about love.  It still remains one of my favorite messages today. For my last communication, I opened up the possibilities to a wider audience, and had my old friend come through.  This is what he had to say this time.

“Love is forgiveness, and forgiveness is love.  Forgiveness is not condoning what’s happened, it’s finding a space within yourself that heals.  As we move forward, as we progress ourselves, loving yourself and your path is a must. We all will stray from the path, we will stop on it, we will try to skip entire parts at times.  Slow down, go through it, and love yourself in the process of going through it. If you mess up, forgive yourself, and continue on. Snow is temporary, and so should be any cold in your heart. If you feel stuck, you need to let something thaw.”

End communication.  Thank you stranger.

Well, there we have it.  As with any advice, from this plane or beyond, take it as advice.  If it resonates, please share with others.

Take three deep breaths,


You and Your Aura. Part 1.

Have you ever given your aura any consideration?  Are you aware of what your aura is?

When you look up the origin of the word itself on dictionary.com, it stems from the years 1350-1400 of Middle English/Latin/Greek roots meaning “breath (of air).”

The first two definitions for the word state:

  1. a distinctive and pervasive quality or character; air; atmosphere:an aura of respectability; an aura of friendliness.

  2. a subtly pervasive quality or atmosphere seen as emanating from a person, place, or thing.

I find both definitions to be appropriate for how we are looking at auras.  Your aura is an energetic field that radiates from your body. Like our emotions and moods change, our energy field around us does too.  It expands and contracts with your own energy, as well as reacts to those you come in contact with.

Think about times when you have perceived the energy of a person before interacting with them.  Have you ever…

-Taken on another’s opinions and fought their battles?

-Been at peace and felt comfortable with someone in complete silence?

-Walked into a room and “felt” the energy of the space?

-Been overly emotional, emotionally erratic, or even irritable?

These are all instances when your energetic boundaries come into play.  

It is important to understand we all have auras, including animals.  Every single person has the ability to pay attention to theirs and make energetic adjustments accordingly to best suit the things you are pursuing in life.

I recently purchased the Inneractive Aura Cloud 3D imaging system to help people understand their aura a bit more.  Not only does it give a live visual display of the colors that appear as your aura, but it gives deeper information, such as how energized the body’s seven main energy points are.  It also tells how intense our emotions are flowing, how relaxed the physical body is, even how balanced your male and female/yin yang energies are.

Getting an aura photograph is seeing a physical representation of what your energy is doing in that moment.  By having a tool with these capabilities, we can intentionally work with our energy to provide the greatest benefit to match your desired intentions.  

How does one get their aura photographed?  All it takes is holding your hand on a sensor for 30-60 seconds.  The sensor picks up your electrical signature, and translates the energy into colors.  Once we have the colors, we can interpret the energy based on that color vibration.

Some examples:

Red - strong and dominant, adventurous and full of vitality.

Blue - calm and peaceful.  

Orange - full of creativity and courage.

We can have large parts of our aura be a single color, or each part might be a different color.  There is no good or bad when it comes to the colors and their meanings. Your energy and what it is doing is meaningful and significant to you.  

It is my strong personal belief that if we pay attention to our invisible energy, we have the potential to be more well-balanced beings.  What does balance bring? The ability to be your best self. When more of us are radiating at our best self that we can be on the daily, mountains can be moved.    

So.  What are you radiating?

Take 3 deep breaths,


Just, love.

I’ve been quiet on here.  I’ve gone through a lot of change.  The world is going through a lot of change.  So, I believe it’s time to share this message.

A little over a year ago, I decided to try something new, reach out to spirit and see what happened.  I put my headphones on. Sat at my computer. Opened up to higher vibration messages from above. This is what I got.  It’s still one of my favorites.


The message is clear.  You already know it. We all know it.  It is simply, about love. Love always.  Love is the key. Love is what opens doors and clears pathways, it is the soul of the world.  When we act in love, we have clear insight into a unique way of viewing the universe.

In love, all things are possible, it doesn’t matter how we have acted, in love’s eyes, it doesn’t matter.  Like the river tumbles a stone over and over, love makes any rough surface smooth. When we act in love, all things are possible.  

(At this time I asked what the spirit’s name was)

My name is of unimportance.  I am someone who wronged before, and things are just clearer now.  This is how I fix things. This is all I can do, because I understand now.  

When we are closed to love, it is like constricting ourselves.  It makes it hard to breathe. Love opens up our souls. It lets abundance and creative energy flow through us.

In love all answers are found.  There is nothing to hide in love.  It is warmth. It is comfort. It is solace.  That’s all for now.


At the end of the session, I was instructed to pass this on to a particular friend.  I did, and I have to a few others since. I think a lot more need it now.

Take three deep breaths. Love,


Looking back at your personal 2017.

I believe, for most people, 2017 is the year things really went down.  I say this because I still hear about it, a lot, from many sources.  It's February 2018 and still the negative energy from events of 2017 hang in the air, like a stagnant smell that has overstayed its welcome.  

The longer this atmosphere continued in the popular culture and my community around me, I found it started to irritate me.  I found it irritating because it has persisted.  In the longevity, it feels like there's an acceptance of giving up personal power to outside events. I believe that if we looked at our personal events and happenings of 2017, our year might look entirely different. 

I found 2017 wasn't a bad year at all.  In fact, it was a year of growth and steady momentum. 

At first I found myself wanting to agree that the entirety of last year was garbage.  Without even thinking about it, simply to be agreeable, I started to go along with the side comments and jokes.  I do not like all of the major events of last year, but I began invalidating all of the progress and hard work I was accomplishing for myself by renaming an entire year.  

To try and gain some perspective, I turned to the tarot.  

If you take 2017, add all of the numbers together, we can connect that number to a major arcana card from any deck.  2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10.  The major arcana 10 is the Wheel of Fortune.  

This particular card reminds us that our perspective of our fortune or misfortune shapes the world around us, as the wheel turns, as a year passes.  We can have a calm, centered, authentic way of navigating a year that has many ups and downs, highs and lows.  Or, we can ride those highs and lows and let them toss us to and fro.  Before we know it, the year has passed us by and we still feel exhausted.  No future is set in stone.  Either path is entirely your choice.  

It should go without saying, that there were many public and private stories of positive energy in the year that still need celebrating, voices that still need to be heard.  In letting go of the unhealthy 2017 energy, we are not condoning immoral actions or behaviors that happened.  We are letting go of the energy that effects us in negative ways and stops us from being our best selves. 

Even though the year's political events took front and center for most people in their lives, please take a moment to think back on the events of YOUR year.  Your personal year.  Look back at your accomplishments.  Look back at what fears you faced.  Look back at those you love.

Then let 2017 go.

Take 3 deep breaths,



The first.


Welcome to 3 Deep Breaths.  A space for inspiration, community, narrative, sharing, ponderings, and so much more.  

For roughly the last 3 months, I have been brainstorming what would be the best possible first post material.  I wanted my first post to have significant meaning, it is a milestone moment after all.  

In planning, and waiting, I found myself in the constant spiral of inactivity.  I was meditating, wondering, thinking, but I wasn't doing.  I've learned that one of my greatest hindrances in pursing anything, is wanting everything to be just right, just so.  There is nothing wrong with striving for perfection.  Until it drives you into inactivity.  

This website is about taking action for myself.  This blog is about opening up myself and others to the world around us.  One of the greatest lessons I have been working on recently is accepting everything, as it is.  Things are not perfect as they are, and that's ok, fantastic even.  It allows for us to stretch ourselves, to have new experiences. We can set intentions for forever, but if we do not take any sort of action, those intentions become faded dreams.

So.  Here we go. 

I am not perfect.  You are not either.  And that's perfectly ok.

Take 3 deep breaths,