love yourself

Just, love.

I’ve been quiet on here.  I’ve gone through a lot of change.  The world is going through a lot of change.  So, I believe it’s time to share this message.

A little over a year ago, I decided to try something new, reach out to spirit and see what happened.  I put my headphones on. Sat at my computer. Opened up to higher vibration messages from above. This is what I got.  It’s still one of my favorites.


The message is clear.  You already know it. We all know it.  It is simply, about love. Love always.  Love is the key. Love is what opens doors and clears pathways, it is the soul of the world.  When we act in love, we have clear insight into a unique way of viewing the universe.

In love, all things are possible, it doesn’t matter how we have acted, in love’s eyes, it doesn’t matter.  Like the river tumbles a stone over and over, love makes any rough surface smooth. When we act in love, all things are possible.  

(At this time I asked what the spirit’s name was)

My name is of unimportance.  I am someone who wronged before, and things are just clearer now.  This is how I fix things. This is all I can do, because I understand now.  

When we are closed to love, it is like constricting ourselves.  It makes it hard to breathe. Love opens up our souls. It lets abundance and creative energy flow through us.

In love all answers are found.  There is nothing to hide in love.  It is warmth. It is comfort. It is solace.  That’s all for now.


At the end of the session, I was instructed to pass this on to a particular friend.  I did, and I have to a few others since. I think a lot more need it now.

Take three deep breaths. Love,